Mojito Finance 🇨🇭 Validator for Radix mainnet

Validator address: rv1qtge5a38uqgv0xjpqpguahn25qvqprkwht5c8hnpwu6l2un4xjnhyfps7ry

🍹 Independent node runner

By staking with our single validator you contribute to the Radix mainnet decentralization.

🍹 24/7/365 monitoring and alerting

Our main and backup nodes are continuously monitored and alerts are triggered in case of issues.

🍹 Hot backup prepared to take over

The main node is located in Switzerland with the backup in the United States. Both are running in the Google Cloud network.

🍹 Experience

We have significant experience running critical Java systems in production in the betting industry.

🍹 Fair fees and transparency

We think that 0% fees are simply not sustainable. That's why we preferred to start from the beginning with a 2% fair fee that we aim to keep constant at least until the Radix Xi'an release.

🍹 Long term support for the Radix ecosystem

We plan to launch DeFi products on Radix platform, once it will be open to developers.


Validator address: rv1qtge5a38uqgv0xjpqpguahn25qvqprkwht5c8hnpwu6l2un4xjnhyfps7ry